Thursday, October 22, 2015

Session 47

Heroes: Jamhand, Alandrovic, Deadbolt, Sengar

The Heroes climb to the top of the ziggurat, where more Broodfiends await them, blocking their way to the base of the spire. A long lost ally returns to join the fray: Aelarion the elven sorcerer arrives riding a lightning, and brings his powerful magic to bear. The fiends are destroyed, and the Heroes arrive at the base of the Spire. There, they rapidly slaughter Maralee and her Kyuss knights, and then begin the long climb to the top of the spire.

The sky darkens, powerful necromantic energy begin to pulse, and from the dark monolith in the center of the platform, Kyuss himself comes forth, terrible in his divine power. But the Heroes have fought long and hard to diminish his power, by destroying the Unlife Vortex, helping the people of Alhaster overcome their despair, and killing Lashonna. Yet, even weakened, Kyuss is a terrible foe.

The Heroes throw at him all they have. Aelarion strikes repeatedly with a Sphere of Annihilation; Deadbolt slashes at him with his Mighty Axe of Wyrm Chopping; Jamhand pellets him with bolts of holy light, while keeping his companions alive; Alandrovic keeps smiting the Wormgod with his Sword of Aaqa; and Sengar, raging like a primordial storm, bashes Kyuss with his magical mace.

Kyuss unleashes his necromantic powers, engulfing the Heroes in his worm-ridden form, crushing their bones with his executioner mace. But not even a god can stand between the Heroes and their fury, when finally Sengar smashes his mace one last time in the physical form of Kyuss, and shatters him, in an explosion of a million worms!

The Age of Worms has been averted; Alhaster, and the whole world, are safe.

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