Friday, October 23, 2015


With the death of Kyuss, all the undead in the city turn to dust, while fiends and worms flee in fear and despair.

Prince Zeech makes his way through the crowds that are cheering for the Heroes, fully armed, challenging one of them to a duel. They killed a god, so now he will best their champion, to prove he's still worthy of ruling Alhaster. The crowd is not happy, but Alandrovic accepts the challenge. The duel is quick and brutal, Zeech is brought to his knees, with Alandrovic's sword at his neck. "Kill me" he shouts "let me die with honor". But there's been too much death, too much blood spilled. Now it's the time for mercy. Alandrovic spares his life, and banishes him from Alhaster.

And so the Heroes become the new rulers of Alhaster. Old friends come to visit, among them the archmage Manzorian, coming to deliver their monstrous pets: the huge pyrohydra, and the ferocious dire boar. A great feast is held, as the city of Alhaster celebrates the end of the tyranny of Zeech, and the destruction of Kyuss.

From the highest balcony of the royal palace, the Heroes look down at the ruined city. Most of the buildings have been destroyed, and thousands have lost their lives. The great powers they used to destroy evil, they will now use to rebuild. After all this darkness, to forge a new bright future.

The End.

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