Friday, October 16, 2015

Session 46

Heroes: Jamhand, Deadbolt, Alandrovic, Sengar

The Heroes approach the ziggurat, the very eye of the divine storm that is destroying Alhaster. Inside the ziggurat, they face the many guardians placed by Lashonna in place to stop them.

But vampires, devils, Kyuss knights, and not even the devilish daughter of Zeech herself, Hemriss the half-fiend, can stop the righteous fury of the Heroes.

And so Lashonna makes her appearance, her huge dragon form soaring high outside of the ziggurat, her vampire fangs dripping blood, accompanied by a flock of erinyes devils. The Heroes face her on the side of the ziggurat, Deadbolt and Alandrovic flying to her with the power of their magical artefacts, while Sengar and Jamhand perform feats of incredible strength by jumping on her scaled form propelled by their pure grit!

The battle seems to go bad for the Heroes, with the erinyes assaulting their minds, while Lashonna lays waste to their bodies with her terrible claws, and her cold breath. But the Gods of Light (and some of the Gods of Darkness) have not forgotten their champions, and by summoning the power of their divine patrons, the Heroes gather all they have, all their fury and willpower, until Deadbolt, with his Mighty Axe of Wyrm Chopping delivers the final blow to Lashonna!

The erinyes are then rapidly dispatched, and the Heroes look up, to the top of the ziggurat, where Kyuss awaits them for the final battle.

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