Thursday, October 8, 2015

Session 45

Heroes: Alandrovic, Deadbolt, Jamhand, Sengar

The Heroes visit the former manor of Lashonna, now wrecked by the destruction that has befallen the city. Among the ruins, they find Lashonna's former laboratory, containing a still functioning portal. When they activate the portal, they find themselves in the underground of Alhaster.

The whole area is Lashonna's arcane sanctum, where together with the Avolakia's she has fond rituals to create the broodfiends, and several other arcane contraptions. When they arrive, they're immediately intercepted by a cabal of Kyuss liches, pelletting them with dark spells. The Heroes emerge victorious, and proceed to the next room.

The vaulted chamber contains the Unlife Vortex, an arcane engine syphoning the power of countless souls to usher the resurrection of Kyuss. The Vortex is guarded by Avolakia ghosts, which the Heroes must defeat before solving the mystery presented by the contraption. Deadbolt, with his experience guarding arcane treasures, finds a way to send the machine into overload. As the Unlife Vortex implodes, the Heroes escape through the portal.

But their troubles are not over. From the crater left by the implosion, huge overworms emerge, harbingers of Buldumech the Pit Fiend! As the archdevil flies out of the crater, the Heroes jump on his huge form to batter him down. An aerial fight takes place, until Buldumech manages to shake all the Heroes off, to plummet to the ground below into the maws of the overworms. When the colossal vermins are destroyed, the Heroes focus their attacks on the fiend, until Sengar smashes his face with his magical mace, and sends him back to Hell.

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