Thursday, October 1, 2015

Session 44

Heroes: Jamhand, Deadbolt, Sengar, Alandrovic

The Archmage Manzorian summons the Heroes to Magepoint, where he updates them on the current events. A horde of demons and worms has attacked the city of Alhaster, where the ziggurat to summon Kyuss has been completed, and the Wormgod is about to step into the world.

In order to weaken Kyuss before he fully manifests himself, the Heroes must fight the despair in Alhaster, destroy the Unlife Vortex that is syphoning souls to power the Wormgod, and kill his main apostle, Lashonna the traitorous dragon. To help them, they receive an additional fragment of the Rod of Seven parts, and a scroll that will open a portal to a place called the Tomb of Horrors, where they can retrieve a powerful destructive artifact called the Sphere of Annihilation. Then Manzorian teleports the Heroes to Alhaster.

The city has suffered greatly. Mobs run in panic and despair, trying to find safety; many buildings have been destroyed by the huge worms summoned by the ritual; clouds of poisonous green mist can be seen rising from many districts; in the distance, a huge tower grows out of the ziggurat, rising up to the heavens, where dark clouds gather and spiral.

The Heroes must contend with the minions of Kyuss, among them overworms, Kyuss knights, liches, and vampires, while at the same time protecting the citizens of Alhaster to make sure they do not fall into despair.

As a sign of their prowess, they enter one of the poisonous clouds, finding out the source of this plague: a huge broodfiend spreading acid and disease in the streets of Alhaster. The Heroes destroy the creature, greatly bolstering the moral of the populace. But the demon is only one of the many horrors unleashed upon the city. The Heroes gather their strength, and look for the Unlife Vortex and Lashonna.

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