Friday, September 25, 2015

Session 43

Heroes: Jamhand, Deadbolt, Alandrovic, Sengar

Before exploring the pit, the Heroes decide to check the other rooms on the floor, to make sure nothing attacks them on their way back. In finely appointed rooms, they find Mahuudril, a noblewoman they met weeks before at Prince Zeech feast. She tries to turn the Heroes to Dragotha's side, but her attempts at diplomacy fail. When the Heroes attack her, she assumes her true form, that of an Avolakia high-priest.

Having killed Mahuudril, the Heroes complete their exploration, and then go back to the pit. They soon realize that the magic of the pit allows them to float up or down the tunnel. With millions of green worms infesting the lower caverns, the Heroes decide to go up, where they find a tunnel guarded by a trio of Nightcrawlers. But not even these creatures can stop them, as they make their way to a huge cavern.

There, a broken ziggurat bleeding the green divine essence of Kyuss awaits; perched on the ziggurat is Dragotha himself, the ancient dracolich and first servant of Kyuss. With the help of the ghost of Balakarde, the Heroes throw themselves at the fearsome undead and destroy him. With Dragotha dead, Balakarde thanks the Heroes for freeing his soul, and departs.

But the Heroes have no time to linger and enjoy their victory: Manzorian contacts them with a spell, and urges them to travel to him immediately. While they were busy fighting Dragotha and his minions, the Age of Worms has begun!

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