Thursday, May 7, 2015

Session 36

Heroes: Deadbolt, Jamhand, Sengar, Alandrovic.

The Heroes make their way to the Citadel of Weeping Dragons, but are attacked by a dozen of black dragons on the bridge before the arched gates of the citadel. They're almost overwhelmed, when the Ominous Fabler, prince Zeech's fool, appears to save the day with his weird magic. After the battle, he reveals to be a servant of the Giant King, since he's not just a gnome, but a spriggan, capable of becoming a giant himself. He wishes to help the Heroes in thei quest, and sing of their legandary battles.

The fire giant guards of the fortress, having witnessed the Heroes slaughter the dragons, allow them to enter. They're introduced to the fire giant Bram Cleftshank, a fearsome dragonslayer. They explain to him they're looking for Dragotha's phylactery, but he does not seem to know anything about it. The giants of Kongen-Thulnir protect a mystical vault, but they have forgotten what it contains. In any case, the sacred vault must never be opened.

Bram then brings the Heroes to Vercinabex Tor, the arcane expert of the clan. When he's alone with them, Vercinabex makes a deal with the Heroes: he will help them open the vault, and they can have the phylactery, but he will get whatever else is in it. He also reveals that to open the vault the Heroes need two keys, and a "ritual of opening" must be performed. One of the keys is with the leader of the clan, Kagro Thundersmiter, while the second key has been lost in a place called the Carrion Pit, a dark hole in the Undercity of Kongen-Thulnir.

The Heroes cross the city once more, to reach the Carrion Pit, but on their way they're attacked by the great blue dragon Vermirox. Despite its prowess, the Heroes kill the wyrm, and proceed to the Undercity. There they meet a Hill Giant warrior of great strength, wounded from previous battles, but still fierce. The giant tries to stop the Heroes, but he's also defeated.

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