Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Session 32

Heroes: Alandrovic, Sengar, Jamhand, Bellamin

The feast continues, and the Heroes have more chances to exchange pleasantries with more of the guests, among them an amoral business man, and a loyal captain. They also do not miss the opportunity to anger the Prince, especially when Jamhand, quite drunk, decides to jump on the dessert, an 8-feet tall cake shaped like a ziggurat.

During the closing dance, Lashonna informs the Heroes she will call upon them soon to discuss the reason of their arrival in Alhaster. She also gives them the antidote to the poison they unknowingly ingested during the feast, one of the preferred ways of the Prince to dispose of those that displeased him. The party reaches an end, and the Heroes depart.

During the following days, the Heroes still find the time to pick a fight with the Blessed Angels. After having defeated the winged devils, a servant of Lashonna seeks them out, and informs them his Lady will receive them the following night.

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