Sunday, April 12, 2015

Session 33

Heroes: Alandrovic, Sengar, Jamhand, Bellamin.

The Heroes visit Lashonna at her mansion, where she allows them to read fragments of Balakarde's Journal; apparently the wizard was a friend of Lashonna, and he left his research with her before proceeding with his quest.

Lashonna points the Heroes to the island of Tilagos, where the Library of Last Resort is rumored to be situated. There they will be able to find the location of the phylactery of Kyuss' strongest ally: the dracolich Dragotha!

Unfortunately, a group of villains, led by the arch-priest of Vecna Darl Quethos are also travelling to the island, and the Heroes must hurry. They teleport to the shores of the Lake of Unknown Depths, where they hire a fisherman and his boat to bring them through the raging, unnatural storm surrounding Tilagos island. Although the boat does not survive the ordeal, the Heroes manage to reach the sandy shores of their destination.

The Heroes have just got their bearings, when they're assaulted by orc pirates, also stranded after having transported Darl Quethos and his companions to the perilous island. They rapidly subdue the orcs, and then enter the labyrinth of Tilagos, where they must find their way to the magical portal that will bring them to the Library of Last Resort. In order to activate the portal, they must retrieve three different kind of crystals to be found in the labyrinth.

But the place is not without peril: the Heroes must defeat many guardians and terrible creatures, including a horrendous creature known as "octopus tree". Bellamin does not survive the ordeal, but luckily the Heroes earn a new ally: Deadbolt, the clockwork warrior from the Upper Plane of Mechanus, joins the party.

After retrieving the three crystals, the Heroes approach the portal, but are ambushed by Krekie, the kenku assassin at the service of Darl Quethos. The kenku is defeated, and the Heroes activate the portal.

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