Friday, March 27, 2015

B’Kruss’s Big Day Out

B’Kruss’s Big Day Out
composed by Bellamin the Bard

Now here’s a story about a hobgoblin
Like a big man in the street he came-a-wobblin’

He challenged the heroes to various feats of strength
So he bragged and he bragged on to a very lengthy end.

He tried to win at riding on his boar,
If only he knew, he should’ve stayed with his whore.

Later on, he even tried to win with a jump,
Funny enough; it ended with a satisfying THUMP.

Wrestling was to be his next triumphant caveat,
About half a second later, the barbarian had him beat.

So now we’re here, at this glorious ball,
Waiting for his revenge he promised us all.

So now I ask you, you big general man,
Will you keep your promise or have I reached the end of your attention span?

Look at him, heaving with anger,
As if on his toe, got dropped an anchor.

So again I ask in a manner most serene,
Where is this retribution, that you have foreseen?

Now this little tale, has been of course throughout,
The beautiful story of B’Kruss’s Day Out

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