Thursday, March 26, 2015

Session 31

Heroes: Sengar, Bellamin, Alandrovic, Jamhand

The Heroes arrive at a dark pit, more than 300 ft deep; along the walls, blaspheme prayers to Kyuss are inscribed. At the bottom of the pit lies a dark temple of the Ebon Triad, guarded by an aspect of the Overgod, a powerful manifestation of the collect faith of the evil cult. The Heroes destroy the abomination, striking a severe blow to the Ebon Triad. In a secret room, they find magical treasures, and a ledger containing important information about the Ebon Triad and their involvement with Kyuss.

The Heroes return to the surface, and clean up to get ready for the festivities; when they're all dressed up for the party, a decadently sumptuous carriage brings them to the Palace of the Prince. They're welcomed by Prince Zeech, and his entourage of weird servants. During the events preceding the feast, the Heroes get the chance to interact with some of the guests, among them Hemriss, rumoured to be the Prince's daughter; Mahuudril, a mysterious noblewoman; Mariss Quemp, a dashing half-orc captain; and Shag Solomon, a civilised quaggoth with a short temper.

The Heroes compete in several feats of ability and intellect, aimed at entertaining the guests, but also at earning the favour of the Prince. During these events, Bellamin performs a poem aimed at shaming general B'kruss. The furious hobgoblin challenges Bellamin to a duel, and the bard obliges him by stabbing him through the neck.

After such amenities, the feast begins in earnest, and finally Lashonna makes her entrance. The Heroes hope to have a few moments to talk to her about their mission, but in the meanwhile enjoy the bizarre courses served at the table of the Prince.

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