Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Session 19

Heroes: Sengar, Walaver, Aelarion, Icarium.

The Heroes have some time to rest in the Coenoby, where they receive a visit from their manager, Ekaym. He congratulates them for their victory, but also reveals that he had a more personal reason for financing their participation to the Games.

His sister, Lahaka, had an affair with Loris Raknian during the previous Games, and it is now several months that he has no news of her. He hopes the Heroes can explore the Arena Understructure, and maybe even Loris's palace, to find some clues of her fate.

During the night, the Heroes sneak out of the Coenoby, first into the Titan's House, a huge cavern filled with abandoned catacombs, and then into passages infested by ghouls, until they reach an underground stream connecting with the sewer system.

When they spot a way to climb outside of the filthy water, they find themselves in the refuse pit of some sort of temple. In the very first room they enter, they are assaulted by several Spawn of Kyuss! Certainly, the dark taint of the Age of Worms is spreading beneath the arena...

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