Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Session 20

Heroes: Sengar, Aelarion, Walaver, Icarium.

The Heroes face more undead, until they find the room where the Apostolic Scrolls are kept, guarded by Bozal Zahol, a tiefling priest of dark forces. After killing the cleric, the Heroes try to take the scrolls, but they are protected by an impenetrable barrier of force.

Not far from the scrolls, in a huge domed chamber, a disgusting, gargantuan worm lies dormant, also protected by a field of force.

Unable to interrupt the flow of dark magic, the Heroes continue their exploration, and enter the living quarters of Bozal. There a zombified female corpse, still dressed in finery, silently awaits. The Heroes recognize her as Lahaka, Ekaym's lost sister, and decide to free her from undeath with their blades.

Proceeding further, they enter a room guarded by an alkilith demon. The terrible creature almost slaughters the whole party, until Icarium, calling upon the divine power of murder and vengeance, strikes the demon down. Unfotunately, Icarium and Walaver do not survive this ordeal.

With heavy hearts, Sengar and Aelarion carry the corpses of their friends back to the Coenoby.

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