Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Session 18

Heroes: Sengar, Rahel, Walaver, Icarium.

The Heroes decide to inflitrate the Free City Arena as gladiators. Luckily for them, one of Eligos' associates, a mysterious woman called Celeste, pays them a visit and introduces them to Ekaym Smallcask, who owns a manager licence necessary to participate in the games.

As the games begin, the Heroes have a chance to meet the Arena Director, Loris Raknian, and his retinue, among them the silent Okoral, in charge of the security detail.

After a sumptous celebration, all the gladiator teams are excorted to the Coenoby, an underground compound below the Arena where they will spend the next 5 days.

During the first day of battles, the Heroes must face three other teams: the elven archers of the Arcane Auriga, the savages of the Badlands Revenge, and the exotic desert dwellers of the Sapphire Squad.

The Heroes, under the name of Brotherhood of the Badger & Co. (...) ally with Arcane Auriga against of the other two teams, and then face off against the elven archers. They emerge victorious, and bask in the accolades of the crowd.

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