Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Session 17

Heroes: Sengar, Walaver, Rahel, Icarium.

In the next cavern, they're ambushed by aberrant creations called octopins, guarding the entrance to Zyrxog's domain.

Beyond the double doors, a lethal trap awaits, a stone brain dominating the Heroes and forcing them to attack each other!

The Heroes trouble continue when they enter some sort of horrific museum, where a demonic statue turn out to be a living vrock.

After defeating one more enemy, they finally arrive in the Temple of the Mind, where Zyrxog awaits them, together with more octopins. Zyrxog blasts the Heroes with his mental powers, but eventually Sengar's fury splatters its huge brain all over the walls.

Searching the chambers of the mind-flayer, the Heroes find more incriminating documents, among them a scroll mentioning a payment for the murder of the Heroes, ordered by a man called Loris Raknian. Having gathered all the informations, the Heroes abandon the compound to go back to Eligos.

As the Heroes approach Eligos's estate, a young boy darts past, rushing about posting flyers on every tree, wall, and message board he can find. The flyers read, "The Free City Champion's Games are coming!" Just below is an illustration of the Free City arena and at the bottom, "Loris Raknian, Director."

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