Saturday, July 19, 2014

Session 16

Heroes: Sengar, Icarium, Rahel.

On their way out, the Heroes come upon a secret passage in the huge room where they fought the giant octopus: the passage is open and two dark elves, led my a cloaked figure, attack them on sight.

The cloaked figure stuns them with its terrible mental powers, then disappears, leaving the dark elves to finish the job. Even at a disadvantage, the Heroes prevail, and follow the secret tunnel into the local sewers, eventually resurfacing in the streets of the Free City.

After a quick clean up, the Heroes cash in on a favour from a noble elven house in the Free City, and get Sengar raised from the dead. Then they begin to investigate the sewers to track down the cloaked figure, and eventually discover a complex of natural caverns.

Inside, they face and evil Naga and more dark elves, all thralls of a villain called Zyrxog, described from his slaves as a "tentacled monster". Expecting the worst, the Heroes delve deeper into the caves.

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