Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Session 15

Heroes: Icarium, Aelarion, Rahel.

The Heroes explore the lower level of the Sodden Hold, falling victim to the many traps laid by the dopplegangers, and constantly doubting the very identity of their own adventuring companions!

After crossing a labyrinth of mirrors, they arrive in a great hall, where the doppleganger leader, Telakin, awaits them. He tries to fool them by taking Allustan's appearance, but the Heroes see through his masquerade and kill him.

In his rooms, they find papers detailing the influence of the dopplegangers on several institutions and noble families of the Free City. They also discover a device to create "mind clones" of captured victims, to be used in their dark schemes.

But it seems that even the dopplegangers have a more powerful master: a scroll pointing to an imminent meeting between Telakin and this dark mastermind send the Heroes on their next hunt!

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