Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Session 14

Heroes: Sengar, Walaver, Icarium, Rahel.

Icarium awakens in a dark cell, now prisoner of a gang of dopplegangers.
Walaver manages to get Sengar out of jail, and together they follow the clues leading them to the Sodden Hold, an abandoned warehouse in the River District.

There they find Icarium, but when they release him and other prisoners, they're attacked by more dopplegangers disguised as inmates. Their attack is so ferocious that Sengar falls under their wicked blades.

Rahel appears not long after, having escaped the psychic tortures of the doppelgangers, and joins the party. The Heroes must first cross a room with a dangerous broken floor, while harrassed by Invisible Stalkers.

Once on safe ground again, they find a dark pool and dive into it. Deep down, they face a huge octopus, guarding a flooded room. When the beast is dead, they find the mechanism to drain the water out of the room, and proceed with the exploration of the lower levels.

More twisted traps and dopplegangers await them...

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