Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Session 13

Heroes: Rahel, Aelarion, Sengar, Icarium, Walaver.

Outside of the walls, Rahel arrives to lend help to the party, and together with the newly met Walaver the Bard they manage to get Sengar into the city.

The Heroes regroup, and make their way to the Garden District, where Eligos welcomes them in his rich mansion. He hears what they have to say, and agrees to look for clues at the Great Library. While they wait for news from him, he suggests they stay at the Crooked House inn.

The Heroes spend a few days at the inn, when one night Aelarion suddenly stabs the innkeeper in the chest! Then he disappears into the crowd of panicking patrons. A few minutes later, he re-appears on top of the stairs, confused by the accusation of the angry mob. The situation rapidly escalates in an all-out fight in the tavern, where several patrons are killed by an enraged Sengar. Among the dead, a doppelganger can be found. The Heroes immediately smell foul play, but when the City Watch arrives, they're taken into custody and locked in a cell; all except Walaver who was not present during the fight.

In the middle of their first night in jail, a small team of doppelganger sneak into the compound, and help them "escape". They bind them with manacles to keep up appearances, and lock them in a reinforced carriage, then leave in a hurry. But where are they bringing them?


  1. Hi Delazar,

    There is any way to contact you (email, FB, Twitter)? I want to play in your 13th Age campaign, if possible obviously, but I need some infos before.

    1. Hey Thiago,

      are you based in Antwerp? This is a face-to-face game, we meet every other week in the Outpost in Antwerp to play.

      you can e-mail me at: