Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Walaver the Bard

Half-Elf Bard

One Unique Thing: The elf princess felt in love with me and from that affaire an elf was born. But her father wouldn't accept an half-breed to be her husband. So I had to escape before the king would have me killed.

Walaver was a  renowed Courtier of the Elven Kingdom, loved for his musical talent and his sharp wits. Thanks to his many contacts, he became an Undercover Agent of the Grand Vizier, spying on the enemies of the kingdom, and sometimes on its friends.

During an especially delicate mission, he was assigned to shadow the Royal Princess, and eventually the two fell in love with each other. When their forbidden love was discovered, he was forced to run away, leaving behind everything that mattered in his life.

Death (session 20): Pummelled and burned to death by the acidic tentacles of an alkilith demon.

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