Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Session 11

Heroes: Aelarion, Broil, Oculor, Sengar.

In order to completely exterminate the Twisted Branch tribe and save the few human survivors, the Heroes need only face a few sentinel harpies, and the lizardfolk Kobatas, the right hand of the dead king.

With this feat complete, they reach a hidden room where the eggs of the Lizardfolks are kept. Strangely enough, the eggs are guarded by kobolds with draconic blood. Once the guardians are taken care of, the Heroes find a dragon egg among all the others. Oculor stabs the dragon egg with his dagger, and the container explodes, revealing thousands of tiny green worms, who rapidly infect the lizardfolk eggs, producing hundreds of Kyuss spawnling.

The Heroes purge the place, but Oculor and Aelarion are severely wounded; they drink a few of the healing potions found in the lair, but too late they realize that the darkened glass vials contain a green worm! With the infection slowly spreading into their bodies, they hurry back to Blackwall Keep.

There they find the soldiers in a state of panic: somehow an infected lizardfolk must have entered the keep, and now two soldiers have become mostrous spawn of Kyuss, stalking the dark corridors of the keep. The Heroes hunt the creatures down and destroy them, but only after both Sengar and Broil have been infected with green worms.

Thanks to his arcane knowledge, Aelarion realizes that the worm infecting them will take a few days before turning them into spawns, and the only cure is a healing ritual. Hoping to find priestly magic in Diamond Lake, the Heroes' race against time begins!

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