Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Session 12

Heroes: Aelarion, Sengar, Broil, Icarium.

The Heroes reach Diamond Lake, where Rahel, the lion-headed priest of Pelor, performs a ritual of purification to purge the green worms infecting them. During the rite, the Heroes find themselves bathed in divine light, and Pelor gives them his blessing.

But an image of St. Cuthbert appears in the heavenly sky, revealing that a traitor is among the Heroes. He smites Oculor, and sends the Heroes a mighty ally: from the waters of Diamond Lake, Icarium emerges, ready to smite St. Cuthbert's enemies with his mace.

After some rest, the Heroes visit the Dourstone mine, now abandoned, and find Ragnolin Dourstone (the mine manager) drooling in his own filth, mad with apocalyptic revelations. Icarium executes him on the spot; Broil, tired of all the madness and violence, decides to take over the Dourstone mine, and retire from adventuring.

The Heroes visit Allustan once again: the wizard suggest the travel to the Free City, where his old friend Eligos, and expert of weird and uncommon monsters, can maybe share further light about the strange green worms.

After a journey of five days, the Heroes reach the Free City. Their arrival is not without troubles, first at the city's gates, and then on the crowded streets, where they save the innocent bystanders from the attack of a crazed chimera escaped from a parade.

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