Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Session 10

Heroes: Aelarion, Broil, Oculor, Sengar.

The surviving soldiers inform the Heroes that a warparty of lizardfolk has kidnapped a few of their companions, including Marzena, one of the keep's mages.

The Heroes follow the warpaty's track deep into the Mistmarsh, eventually reaching the lair of the Twisted Branch tribe. There they must fight their way through a couple of disgusting otyugh, slaughter more of the lizardfolk, and eventually face Shukak, the king of the tribe.

With the death of the king, the tribe shaman, holding Marzena prisoner, tries to strike a deal with the Heroes to help him become the new king, in exchange for Marzena's life. He also reveals informations about a pact between the tribe and a dragon going by the name of Ilthane: apparently there's a connection between the dragon and the green worms sprouting from the corpses of some lizardfolk. The Heroes, enraged by the lizardfolk attack at the keep, refuse the deal, and slaughter the shaman before he has a chance to kill Marzena.

Having noticed the presence of the weird green worms also here in the lair, and willing to investigate Ilthane's involvement, the Heroes hide Marzena in a safe place, and continue in their exploration.

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