Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Session 41

Heroes: Alandrovic, Sengar, Jamhand, Deadbolt.

In the largest cave, they meet N'vesh'nkar, a monstrous Apostle of Kyuss in the form of a gigantic worm. Only after defeating the disgusting monster can they retrieve the last fragment of Balakarde's soul.

Once all three fragments are together, Balakarde's ghost appears. He reveals what he knows about Dragotha, most importantly the fact that Lashonna is actually a servant of Kyuss!

He then guides the Heroes to the entrance of the underground sanctum of Dragotha. The entrance is guarded by undead Chimeras, which the Heroes dispatch of easily. After more than a mile of descending into the rock, they arrive at an Underground Lake. As they cross the stone bridge to the huge green doors, they're attacked by more Guardians.

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