Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Session 40

Heroes: Sengar, Jamhand, Deadbolt, Alandrovic.

With Thessalaar defeated, the Heroes investigate his laboratory, accidentally releasing the lich's latest experiment: a monstrous skinless creature of tentacles, muscles, and bones! They kill the creature, and in doing so they release a fragment of an imprisoned sul that was used in the experiment. they soon leran that this is a fragment of Balakarde's soul, the mage who was obsessed with the Age of Worms so many years before.

Riding their hydra pet, the Heroes travel to the opposite side of the gorge, and reach Zulshyn's tower. The mysterious lillend is initially amenable to the Heroes, but when they start to destroy her art collection, she and her marble golems attack. But not even her righteous rage can defeat the pure power of the Heroes, and she's made captive. She reveals what information she has about Dragotha, while the Heroes find a second fragment of Balakarde's soul in one of the statuettes made by Zulshyn.

With Balakarde's soul almost unified, the Heroes feel a pull to travel the Earthcancer Gorge, one more terrible location inside the Wormcrawl Fissure, where they must contend with monstrous vermins, on their way to find the last fragment of soul.

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