Thursday, June 4, 2015

Session 38

Heroes: Deadbolt, Sengar, Alandrovic, Jamhand

Set on opening the Vault, the Heroes face also Kagro Thundersmiter, the leader of the fire giants guarding the Citadel. They slay the powerful giant, and retrieve his key.

They then make their way to the Vault, where they're welcomed by an old friend, the ghost of Alastor Land (see HERE). The ghost helps them to perform the ritual of opening, and they finally enter the Vault.

Inside, the Fabler reveals himself as the traitor he really is, not a spriggan anymore, but a spawn of Kyuss. He tries to steal the phylactery, while Brazzemal the Burning melts the walls of the Vault from outside, and joins the fray.

While Sengar runs after the undead spriggan and kills it, the Heroes face Brazzemal, until Deadbolt kills him with a devastating blow (420 points of damage on a crit!).

Having recovered the phylactery, the Heroes destroy it. Their path is once again clear... now they must face Dragotha himself!

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