Sunday, April 12, 2015

Session 34

Heroes: Alandrovic, Sengar, Jamhand, Deadbolt.

Stepping through the portal, the Heroes find themselves in Last Resort, a demiplane created by the ancient druidic Order of the Storm, to protect the most dangerous knowledge of the mortal world.

They're welcomed by the Wild Watchers, fey creatures of incredible power, born from the sacrifice of the druids of Order more than 1,500 year ago. The Watchers inform them that, to earn the right to drink from the Fountain of Dreams, they will have to first complete four trials.

First they take the Golden Belt from Kratahnos the Titan; then they silence the song of despair of the Ancient Night Twist tree; then they slaughter a murderous Nightmare Beast; last, they climb titanic mountains to retrieve a living feather from the Roc King. Unfortunately, Darl Quethos and his summoned Cornugon Devil have preceded them, retrieving the feather and killing the roc.

When the dark priest and his devilish ally try to steal the Golden Belt from the Heroes, they're quickly defeated, and the Heroes return to the Wild Watchers. There, one of the fey, enraged for the death of the Roc King, challenges the Heroes to trial by blood. But our champions cannot be stopped, and overcome this last obstacle.

They're finally allowed to drink from the Fountain of Dreams, and find themselves catapulted in the past, during the last stand of the Order of the Storm against Kyuss' armies. The Druids ask the Heroes to hold off the invading armies, while they travel to Kongen-Thulnir, an ancient giant fortress, to hide Dragotha's phylactery.

While the Heroes battle the undead, up in the sky a silver dragon, the true form of Lashonna, battles against the dracolich Dragotha. As the Heroes defeat the last of the undead, they witness Lashonna falling before a victorious Dragotha.

The Heroes return to the present, and Alandrovic receives a vision of his golden dragon mother, in human form, being visited by a handsome paladin of Heironeous... Prince Zeech before his fall! The revelation of the identity of his father gnaws at the dragonborn soul.

The Heroes now have the knowledge of the location of the phylactery; alas, the Watchers inform them that now that this knowledge is not hidden anymore, certainly a creature powerful as Dragotha will aquire it in no time through magical divination. Still, the path ahead of them is clear... Kongen-Thulnir awaits!

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