Thursday, February 26, 2015

Session 29

Heroes: Bellamin, Sengar, Alandrovic, Hesna, Aelarion

Back in Magepoint, Manzorian and his associates have not been idle. They discovered that the sage Balakarde had visited the city of Alhaster, in the Bandit Kingdoms, during his quest for knowledge about the Age of Worms. He even left a few notes, mentioning the need to meet a woman called Lashonna.

Manzorian teleports the Heroes to Alhaster, where the city is preparing for the celebrations of the twenty years of rule of the "beloved" Prince Zeech, the Hextorian fallen paladin in charge of the city.

While exploring the town, they decide to make a name for themselves by attacking the city watch (!). They manage to attract the attention of the blessed angels, the hellish elite police of the Prince.

They avoid to anger them further, and end up in the Deluxury, a gambling hall, brothel, and inn, where they earn the appreciation of the owner; he rewards them with an invitation to Prince Zeech's party.

Having also learned that the black dragon Ilthane's lair is not too far from the city, they decide to pay a visit, hoping to score some easy loot, since they already killed the dragon back in Diamond Lake.

They enter the lair, and must fight an acidwraith before they can claim whatever treasure remains. But upon leaving the cave, they're ambushed by Ilthane's brood, set on avenging their mother, and claim their treasure. The Heroes defeat the dragons, but not before poor Hesna is burned by the acid, and then eaten by one of the young dragons.

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