Thursday, February 12, 2015

Session 28

Heroes: Sengar, Alandrovic, Aelarion, Bellamin.

The Heroes cross a veritable sea of worms, guarded by more disgusting minions of the evil god Kyuss, receiving more visions and insight into Kyuss' history after defeating them: it seems that upon his ascension to godhood, the dark god was almost immediately imprisoned in the monument that channelled his divine power. Only when the Age of Worms will come to pass will Kyuss return to lay waste to creation.

The last of the guardians of the ziggurat, Mak'ar the Harbinger of Worms, awaits the Heroes in his finely appointed chambers. The undead, alien creature seems disinterested in the Heroes, but realizes that they've still a part to play in the coming of Kyuss. Alas, when they decide to destroy him, he unleashes his necromantic powers on them. The Heroes emerge victorious, and receive a last vision: all the prophecies related to the Age of Worms have come to pass, save for two. It is now their duty to try and stop them from ever happening.

After this last vision, the monolith on top of the ziggurat comes crashing down on the obsidian ring. Whatever minions were left in Kuluth'mar make their way to the surrounding jungle. The Heroes lay waste to these low-lives, and then travel back to Magepoint thanks to Aelarion ritual of teleportation.

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