Thursday, December 11, 2014

Session 25

Heroes: Aelarion, Alandrovic, Sengar, Rahel.

The Heroes must face one more guardian, the oculus demon Augerric, bound for centuries in Icosiol's tomb. After defeating the guardian, they can gain access to the sarcophagus. Inside, they recover powerful artifacts of Law, among them a pair of magic swords and a fragment of the Rod of Seven Parts.

Having been blessed by Icosiol's lingering spirit, they can explore the rest of the tomb without having to fear its remaining gruesome guardians; they find Allustan entrapped in a magical globe of lighting, and after rescuing him they update him on the latest events.

Allustan realizes that there's is not much more that he can do for them, and he directs them to his former master, Manzorian of Magepoint. The Heroes travel to the outskirts of Magepoint, where they're met by Bellamin, an half-elf bard in the service of the archmage.

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