Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Session 24

Heroes: Aelarion, Alandrovic, Hesna, Sengar, Colman, Rahel.

Carried by the falling waters, the Heroes are thrown against the rocks, and assaulted by Wind Warriors guardians, until they reach a basin at the bottom of the cave complex.

There they meet Moreto, a true ghoul from an underground undead kingdom. The creature tries to strike a deal with the Heroes, but they decide to destroy the undead immediately instead of risking a betrayal later. From his corpse, they retrieve the Seal of Law, the key to access Icosiol's resting place.

The Heroes climb back up to where they spotted a side tunnel, and find themselves in front of huge double door. The decipher the runes inscribed on them, and manage to open the doors: beyond, a bottomless room with several platforms awaits them.

The Heroes jump from column to column, avoiding the traps hidden on some of them, and by using the Seal of Law they finally get access to Icosiol's final resting place.

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