Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Session 22

Heroes: Aelarion, Alandrovic, Colman, Rahel, Sengar.

The Heroes return to Diamond Lake, only to find the town in ruins. A black dragon has recently attacked the town, laying waste to it looking for Allustan; the mage is nowhere to be found, but rumors point to the Whispering Cairn.

At the entrance of the Cairn, the Heroes are welcomed by Ilthane the Black, a fearsome dragon. After a few words are exchanged, the party is forced to fight. Bathed in acid and slashed by claws and fang, the Heroes kill the beast, and enter the Cairn.

There they discover a passage that was closed off during their first foray into the tomb many weeks before, but now lies open. Soon they find themselves in front of a black portal, guarded by a terrible undead creature (an Abyssal Ghoul).

This is only the first of the fearsome guardians and deadly traps guarding the resting place of the Wind Duke Icosiol...

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