Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Session 21

Heroes: Alandrovic, Aelarion, Colman, Hesna, Rahel, Sengar.

The Heroes inform their manager about their foray into the catacombs, and Ekaym quickly hires three adventurers to fill in the ranks. They decide to go wait with investigating the underground rooms further, and to focus on winning the Games.

The day after in the Arena, they face and defeat two fearsome dwarves with flaming swords, and then are selected to face the beast "Madtooth the Hungry" on the following day. The beast is a froghemoth, a frenzied monster out for blood. The Heroes survive also this challenge, and get ready to face Auric's Warband in the final battle.

But the Age of Worms has not forgotten the Heroes. As they defeat their last opponent and bathe in the accolades of the roaring crowds, the Arena floor explodes in an eruption of green worms, and the Apostle of Kyuss emerges! Loris Raknian maniacal laugh announces the final step of a dreadful ritual that will sacrifice all those present in the Arena.

The Heroes quickly get their bearings, and after a deadly battle defeat the Apostle, interrupting the ritual. Unfortunately, Loris escapes during the ensuing chaos. Having received the Champion's Belt and several prizes, the Heroes return to Eligos' home, only to find the wizard has been assassinated. Searching his study, they find hidden notes adressed to Allustan back in Diamond Lake, detailing his findings about the Age of Worms.

It seems it is time to go back where it all started.

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