Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Session 3

Heroes: Broil, Geryon, Oculor, Rahel.

The ghost of Alastor Land reveals itself; he asks the Heroes to recover his bones from the room, and bury them in his family's little graveyard, so that he may rest together with his loved ones. If they do that, he will open for them the huge iron door that now separates them from the last chamber of the tomb.

The Heroes go to the Land Farmstead, where they find the graves of the Land family empty; someone has been there recently, and has stolen the remains. In the house, they find a human severed arm, bearing a tattoo they've seen before on the half-orc Kullen. Soon they realize how that happened: an hungry Owlbear crashes through the rotten wooden walls, attacking them.

They kill the beast, and make their way to the the Feral Dog, where they last met Kullen. The half-orc and his gang are not very cooperative, but after a short fight the Heroes manage to get some answers from Kullen. He was hired by a necromancer named Filge, now residing in the Old Observatory, to procure a few corpses for some "experiment".

The Heroes reach the Old Observatory, where they must fight several undead (among them the animated remains of Alastor's family), before they have a chance to meet Filge himself. The necromancer first tries to kill the Heroes, but after being defeated he reveals that he was called to Diamond Lake by an old friend, Balabar Smenk (see letter to Filge) to investigate the unsettling events taking place in the Dourstone mines.

Having recovered the remains of Alastor's family, the Heroes bury them, and go back to the cairn, where they can finally access the True Tomb. But there are still two guardians to contend with: fearsome Wind Warriors rise from a pillar of howling air to stop the Heroes.

With these foes also defeated, the Heroes can now focus their attention on the marble sarcophagus laying in front of them.

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