Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Session 2

Heroes: Broil, Geryon, Oculor, Rahel.

The Heroes discover a secret passage leading to the lower levels of the tomb, but are soon attacked by several swarms of acid beetles, led by an horrendous mad slasher.

They delve into the lower compound, where they find a few submerged rooms. In one of these rooms, they eventually find the missing lantern.

Back in the sarcophagus room, they position and light all the lantern, in this way disabling the magical trap they encountered before.

Beyond, they enter a room protected by a monstrous grick. As they fight the creature, a childish voice taunts them, filling the room with its laughter. But when the Heroes defeat the tentacled beast, whoever taunted them is nowhere to be seen.

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