Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Session 30

Heroes: Sengar, Bellamin, Alandrovic, Jamhand

The Heroes leave the dragon's lair, and begin their search for Rhorsk, as indicated by Balakarde's notes. They come into contact with the dwarven cleric Jamhand Stoneheart, who is also searching for whatever is left of the Temple of St. Cuthbert and his priests.

On their way to the ruined temple, they're stopped by B'Kruss, one of the hobgoblin generals of Prince Zeech. The proud hobgoblin challenges the Heroes to several feats of heroics, where they distinguish themselves, while also humiliating general B'Kruss. The furious soldier promises to settle all pending scores during the party at the Prince's palace.

The Heroes proceed to the Church of Blessed Deliverance, now nothing more than a burned ruin. They discover a secret passage leading underground, where a flesh-eating undead creature is hiding. They soon realise that the undead in Rhorsk himself, cursed by the gods for his cowardice.

The Heroes manage to extract some information from the pitiful creature: in life, he opposed the cult of the Ebon Triad, and he can point to them their ancient hideout under Sinner's Sanctum. He also reveals that the Ebon Triad was in contact with someone called Mother Maggot, who gave them worm-infested undead. Having learned what they could, the Heroes destroy Rhorsk and hasten him to his final judgement.

They proceed to Sinner's Sanctum, an hovel where the poor and diseased go to look for healing, but only find death. The half-crazed old woman taking care of the place is easily fooled by the Heroes, who get permission to inspect the compound. They soon find a secret passage leading 100 feet underground, inside some sort of hidden temple. As they explore the place, they must face a deadly Hangman Golem, a magical creature made of ropes intent on strangling them. Having destroyed the creature, they delve deeper into the compound.

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