Thursday, January 15, 2015

Session 26

Heroes: Aelarion, Sengar, Bellamin, Alandrovic, Hesna.

On their way to Magepoint, the Heroes are ambushed by a trio of bone devils, set on stealing from them the fragment of the Rod of Seven Parts they've aquired previously. The Heroes defeat the devils and proceed to destination.

In Magepoint, they're greeted by Manzorian's associates, and are provided with food and lodgings at the best inn in town. After a few days spent exploring the town, they're finally summoned by Manzorian.

The archmage greets them in his study together with the priest Agath. The two sages express their concern about the Age of Worms, revealing that several of the prophecies heralding this Apocalypse have already come to pass, and the threat is more real than ever.

He prompts the Heroes to travel to Kuluth-Mar, the city where Kyuss once ruled as a mortal, and then ascended to godhood. He hopes the Heroes will also find some traces of his old friend Balakarde, who was obsessed with the ancient city, and disappeared among its ruins.

The Heroes accept, and Manzorian teleports them to Kuluth-Mar. At the center of the ruined city stands a ziggurat, and clearly visible on top of it is the Spire of Long Shadows; the monuments are surrounded by a colossal ring of obsidian, placed there by ancient and powerful entities to contain the evil within.

When they enter the city, they experience a vision where they see a still mortal Kyuss ruling his city with an iron fist and the utter devotion of his subjects.

Inside the ziggurat, they are faced with horrific paintings and bas-reliefs of slaughter and undead, and meet the first guardians bound in this nightmare: Corrupted Angels from the Upper Planes, now awoken by the presence of the Heroes, and out for blood!

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