Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Session 8

Heroes: Rahel, Broil, Oculor, Aelarion, Sengar.

The Heroes now turn to the Labyrinth of Vecna, dark grey tunnels riddled with secret passages, from which murderous kenku spring their attacks.

After defeating a few bands of these enemies, they reach the hidden temple of Vecna, where they face several acolytes led by the Faceless One, the last of the leaders of the Ebon Tried below the Dourstone Mines.

In his rooms they find the code to decipher the scroll they found in Theldrick's rooms, giving them more insight about the Age of Worms.

But their troubles are not over: on their way to the elevator, they once again enter the Dark Cathedral, where the dark water in the pool bubble and froth. From the viscous liquid, the Ebon Aspect emerges, bent on revenge against the Heroes! After a dangerous battle the Heroes defeat the monstrosity, and make their way back to the light.

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