Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Session 7

Heroes: Aelarion, Broil, Oculor, Sengar.

Having cleared the Temple of Hextor, the Heroes proceed to the Caves of Erythnul, dark, filthy dungeons inhabited by savage grimlocks. They must face hordes of the creatures, and the natural dangers of the stoney complex.

Eventually, they meet the grimlock chieftain, a fearsome barbarian that puts them to the test with his bestial strength, but they emerge victorious.

Deep into the earth, they arrive at the temple-cave of Grallak Kur, the mad prophet of the Ebon Triad. He uses the dark powers of his evil god to confuse the minds of the Heroes, forcing them to fight each other. Until Sengar squashes his filthy head with his mace, completing the extermination of the whole grimlock tribe.

The Heroes retrieve the treasure of the tribe, and also find a few scrolls penned by Grallak Kur, with more dark prophesies about the advent of the Age of Worms and its harbinger, Kyuss.

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