Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Session 4

Heroes: Aelarion, Broil, Oculor, Sengar.

When Oculor steps on the dais before the sarcophagus, the bas-relief animates, and says "Speak my name". Understading this information is required to open the lid, and lacking the knowledge to decipher the glyphs they encountered in the tomb, the Heroes decide to go back to Diamond Lake to consult Allustan, a renowned wizard and loremaster.

There they meet Aelarion and Sengar, who are also seeking Allustan's knowledge. Luckily Aelarion is also versed in occult lore, and offers to accompany them back into the tomb. With his help, they understand that the tomb was built to honour Zosiel, a powerful Wind Duke who fought in the Battle of Pesh against the forces of Chaos ages before.

When they open the lid, they do not find a corpse, but they retrieve two magical objects: a diadem bearing the symbol of Zosiel himself, and a talisman of the spheres, a powerful item that can control the dreadful spheres of annihilation. Having completed their exploration, the Heroes return to Diamond Lake to inform Allustan of their findings.

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