Sunday, January 19, 2014


These are the most commonly venerated Gods, their portfolio, and their alignment:

Heironeous, god of valour, LG
Moradin, god of the dwarves, LG
Yondalla, goddess of the halflings, LG
Ehlonna, goddess of the woodlands, NG
Garl Glittergold, god of the gnomes, NG
Pelor, god of the sun, NG
Corellon Larethian, god of the elves, CG
Kord, god of Strength, CG

Wee Jas, goddess of death and magic, LN
St. Cuthbert, god of retribution, LN
Boccob, god of magic, N
Fharlanghn, god of roads, N
Obad-Hai, god of nature, N
Olidammara, god of thieves, CN

Hextor, god of tyranny, LE
Nerull, god of death, NE
Vecna, god of secrets, NE
Erythnul, god of slaughter, CE
Gruumsh, god of the orcs, CE

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